Destin Schroeder, Writer

A birthday is a special day for someone as it celebrates the life that they had and the impact they have had on others around them. Well last week we had a very special birthday here at Marshfield High School. Mrs. Fields friendly canine, Fergie, celebrated her birthday last Tuesday, April 23. Fergie has been a special member to the Marshfield High school for five years now, bringing joy to students at school once a week. Fields believes that Fergie has had a positive effect on the students, “I love Fergie because she loves me  unconditionally. She brings so much joy to my life because I get to share her with so many people. I love the way she is so excited to come to school and I love when she hears the students come in school, she gets so excited and runs to greet them.” said Fields. Fergie’s impact seems to grow every year, and hopefully it continues to do so over the years to come.