“KY3 Is The Place To Be”

Ethan Ragsdel, Writer

On Monday, April 8, the Marshfield newspaper and journalism students took an all day field trip to tour KY3 and 417 Magazine. The students left right after first hour and headed to Springfield. Before arriving at KY3, the students stopped at Chic-Fil-A, for an early lunch.

Upon arrival, the young journalists were welcomed by the General Manager of KY3, Mike Scott, and other employees. Before the tour could begin, the students were split into two groups. Each group was able to tour around the building and even see a live broadcast. Junior Destin Schroeder said, “My favorite part about touring KY3 was getting to go in to the control room and seeing how everything works.”

If you pay close attention as you walk the different hallways you’ll notice familiar tv shows and character names serving as street signs to name the hallways, such as Dancing With the Stars St. The students got a very unique opportunity to watch the live broadcast of KSPR News at 11, and then made a trip over to watch the KY3 News at 12. On the tour the students learned valuable information about journalism and what it’s like to work at KY3.

Freshman Ellie Hartman said, “I learned a lot, the coolest thing I learned was that when things are recorded, there isn’t always a cameraman.”

The next stop for the journalism and newspaper students was 417 magazine. While there the students learned more about the magazine and photography side of journalism.

Hartman said, “I really enjoyed the trip because it was very informative and fun, both the people at KY3 and 417 Magazine were very interactive with us.”

At 417 the students learned how lighting can change how a picture turns out, such as using a light to imitate a sun. They also learned how much photoshop is used in magazines to make it much more appealing to the eye. The students sat in on a presentation on what it’s like to work at 417 Magazine and what goes into publishing the magazine itself. They heard a few people from 417 talk about their different paths and what they do at the magazine.