Pulsera Project

Destin Schroeder, Writer

There are many countries in poverty all around the world and it is important to be aware of them and help them whenever we can. Last week, Marshfield High School students had that opportunity.

Spanish teacher Jessica Marshall decided to bring the “Pulsera Project” to the Marshfield community. The Pulsera Project is an organization that connects and empowers artists from Nicaragua with students all around America, this includes people from Nicaragua creating very unique and beautiful handmade bracelets and selling them to students in America. The proceeds go back to Nicaragua to help with anything they need. The project is beneficial to both sides in many ways, it educates the students here in America about Nicaragua’s culture and what they have to go through. The people in Nicaragua are getting money to better their lives and the community around them.

“Our sales this year have by far exceeded my expectation and it is truly amazing to see Marshfield High School take part in coloring the world,” Marshall said on the production of the sales of the bracelets.

The sale for the bracelets ended on Friday, March 28. A total of 357 bracelets and 5 purses were sold, for a total of $1,835 raised for the Pulsera Project.