Passion For Fashion

Ethan Ragsdel, Writer

On Saturday, March 9, senior Leiken Barton held an important fashion show with a purpose, at the Carl and Glessie Young Auditorium.

The purpose behind this fashion show is to raise money for The Grace Place, a girls foster home in Marshfield. Barton wanted to raise awareness because they are located in Marshfield, and it’s a good cause. Barton said, “They are great and I want to let the community know more of them. And really get their name out there. They are amazing and giving children opportunities they may not have had.”

Barton has always had a love for fashion. She loves putting together outfits, making clothes and modeling. After taking Mrs. Boshe’s fashion class she learned to sew and knew that she would do something with fashion for her senior project.

Barton put a lot into this project, she had to do everything to reserving the auditorium, to finding models, to calling boutiques to be in the show and where she wanted the models to walk. It goes to show her true passion and the love she has for fashion, and also helping the community.