MHS Students Participate In Mock Interviews

Abigail Swanigan

On Wednesday, February 27, Craig Hurst held Mock interviews. Businesses were invited to the school and students were able to sit down with people from the business. There were 31 business at the school for the Mock Interviews. The businesses were: City of Marshfield,  Carpenter Training Coordinator, Webster Electric, Show-me Power, American Products, Ensight, JMark, MCC, Cox Health, SMC Packaging, MO Job Center, Chase Bank,, Mercy, Bass Pro / Cabellas, Transland, Arvest Banks, iHeartRadio, Murney Realtors, Custom Creations Lawn, SRC Holdings, Springfield Plateau chapter of Master Naturalist. , Associated Wholesale Grocers, Wilson Logistics, Integrity Home Care, Penmac, Dairy Farmers of America, John Deere Reman, 3M and Gold Mechanical.

“The Mock Interviews are a chance for students to practice a life-long skill as well as make connections with local employers. For the cooperating businesses, it’s an opportunity to invest back in the community and potentially meet some future employees,” said Hurst.

Students that were able to participate in the event are in Hurst’s Applied Communications class, which is a senior-level English class.

“I did this event for a few different reasons. I might have some actual job opportunities and come out with a real life job by doing this event and I was really interested in all the jobs I wanted and selected and I wanted to learn more,” said Tanning Strouse, senior student.

Students actually have the opportunity to receive a job from the event and a lot of businesses are interested in finding quality candidates, which opens a lot of opportunities for students.

“The ability to interview well is a lifelong skill. Given that all of the students are seniors about to enter the workforce, it’s something they will use immediately to secure a future career. It could also set students up with a career, which would be the ultimate long-term benefit,” said Hurst.

Hurst is going to host another Mock Interview event for next year’s seniors. He is also hoping to expand the event. Along with the Mock Interviews another College Fair will be hosted and Hurst hopes that these events give a lot  of students post-graduation opportunities.