Student of the Week

Abigail Swanigan

Joaquin Salas Heras is a foreign exchange student from Spain that is here in the US for the 2018-2019 school year.

Heras enjoys subjects such as English and Physics and he would like to go into business. “I think it is super interesting how in physics that you can learn how everything works, gravity is always 9.8m/s,” said Heras.

Outside of school Heras enjoys playing soccer, this year he played for the high school’s boys’ soccer team. He also likes to hang out with all of his friends and he really enjoys staying at home and playing pool with his host family. Heras is staying with the Snider family and their youngest son Will Snider ,junior, goes to Marshfield High School with Heras.

Heras came to the United States with the mindset that it would be good for his future. “I also came wanting to learn new idioms and new culture,” said Hera, “I also came for the sports.”

Heras will go back to Spain, a couple of weeks after the school year ends. His favorite memory so far this school year was soccer season. He thought it was amazing how with such a little bit of time all of the boys became so close as a group and he also claims it was a really good time. Heras then continued to reference an inside joke, “Where is Cody?”

Heras is excited to continue his time in the United States, and wishes he could stay longer than what he has scheduled because he really does enjoy it in the United States.

“Thank you for all the people I have met and for everyone that as made me laugh and made me feel comfortable,” said Heras