Professional Development Day for Teachers

Abigail Swanigan

Teacher Professional Development days are days that are built into the school calendar that allow teachers the opportunity to learn about certain topic that can help benefit them as a teacher.

“One of the reasons behind having these days is because the state requires that teachers be given opportunities to continue their professional development, even after they graduate from college,” said Amanda Badgett, counselor and coordinator. “Additionally, education is a rapidly changing field and teachers need time of our their classrooms to learn about these changes in order to be at the top of their games.”

Students will not have school that day, but all teachers are required to attend the day and they do receive pay for the day because it is part of teachers’ contractual obligation.

“Some topics are more enjoyable than others. Teachers are in many ways like students.  Some days we love our professional development activities and other days, not so much.” Badgett said.

Different activities happen throughout the day that are ultimately there to help teachers in the long run.

On Teacher Professional Development days, activities vary.  Sometimes we have a speaker come in and speak to us. Sometimes we are given time to learn new technology.  Sometimes we are given time to work collaboratively to improve curriculum or hone teaching skills.” Badgett said.

While students are out of school enjoying their day off, teachers are at the school learning ways to better their classroom and the whole environment of the school.

“I would say teachers enjoy this day but then again they don’t.” said Kimberly Totten, science teacher. “It is good to learn new things, and that is why it is liked, but personally I am a teacher and I like to be with my kids and I would much rather be in my classroom than in a meeting, anyday and everyday.” Totten said, “And you can quote me on that!”.