Dancing to Win

Harleigh Davidson, Writer

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The Jaywalkers had a competition at Hammons Student Center on Saturday, Feb. 9. They left at 7:15 am from the High School. Junior Daphne Boggs’ solo was at 9:28 am. The whole team then performed in pom at 11:30 am and Hip Hop at 1:09 pm. Finally awards were held at 3 pm.

Daphne was one out of ten in her solo division. Places 1-5 modeled and she didn’t end up medaling. The team as a whole got third in pom and second in hip hop. Freshman Ellie Hartman said, “We all performed our very best and I think we did super well. We were all very happy with the place we got.”

The team has known these routines for the last seven months. They practice three times a week and tried to work on the dances every chance they got. Sophomore Jaysa Nissan stated, “I think our hard work paid off. I think we were definitely aiming for first but knew we had tough competition. In the end though we brought home trophies for our school and went out on the floor and gave it our all, which is all that matters.”