A Crush for your Crush

Abigail Swanigan

On Friday, Feb. 1, students can participate in sending their “crush” or valentine a Crush soda. The original sale date for the soda’s was Wednesday, Jan. 31, but the school day was cancelled due to weather.

“The Crush for your Crush is a fundraiser for student council that allows students to send a little treat to someone they appreciate, or have a crush on, for Valentine’s Day.” said Kyndal Davis, senior, in charge of the event.

The prices of the soda’s are $1 each or you can spend $5 for six Crush sodas.

“The money goes into the student council fund to help pay for things such as the birdcage and a monthly gift to show our appreciation for our teachers.” Davis said.  “We don’t really have a goal on what to sell we are just hoping to make people happy with the ones we do sell.”

Students are able to write notes that will be attached to the soda, they also give the lunch period and the flavor their crush wants for their soda. The sodas will be delivered during the lunch periods on Valentine’s Day.

“The tags that are put on the soda are what take the most organization. The first task is to separate the tags into a folder based on flavor and lunch period.” Davis said. “We keep these tags until we buy the sodas which is usually a few days before distribution. We then place the tag on the correct flavor of Crush Soda and then add them to a cart based on lunch period.”

The event has been going on for ten plus years according to Davis. It is a fun event to celebrate the upcoming holiday and it is also inexpensive but also help funds the school activities with student council.

“Students should participate in Crush for your Crush because it is a good way to support the school’s student council but also give a small and inexpensive gift to anyone you care about or even to admit you have a Crush on someone.” Davis said.