MHS Yearbook Retrospect Winners

Abigail Swanigan

Yearbook has a competition for the seniors for their spot in the yearbook. Seniors send in their senior portraits for a chance to win the Retrospect title. There are four chances for a senior to win. They can win prince, princess, king and queen. The winners are given a prize by the yearbook staff and their own spot on the senior pages. The photos are decided by an anonymous group of people (not students). The photos are sent to this group and they pick their four favorites and take a vote on the winners. The 2018-2019 winners are: Teagan Boles, Prince; Brock Utecht, King; Hannah Mashburn, Princess; Stephanie Bell, Queen.

The video attached is the reaction from the students as the staff gave them their prize and let them know they had won the competition. Thank you to all the students who participated!