Rally Day Pep-Assembly

Abigail Swanigan

Friday, Jan. 11, Student Council held the Rally Day pep-assembly. The day was cut short due to inclement weather, so the mini-peps at the other schools on campus were cancelled. The high school still held their assembly at 10:00am instead of the regular scheduled time at 2:00pm. The assembly consisted of introducing the winter sports such as boy and girls basketball, boy and girls wrestling and swim. The Jay Walkers and cheerleaders both performed for the students as well.

The assembly also had a basketball game for teachers,. Trevor Casterlin and Mary Whitemen competed by trying to shoot three different shots from different lengths. They did a lay up, free throw and three-pointer. The winner was decided by the teacher who completed the three shots in the less amount of time. Whiteman won the game.

There was also a class game where students from a class were selected to participate. The participating students had to run with a balloon across the court without using their hands, once they made it back to their chair they had to sit on the balloon and try to pop it. The sophomore class won the game. The Rally day court candidates also competed in a game in which the queen candidate threw ping pong balls in the over sized sweatpants the king candidate had on. Truett Gardner and Summer Nelson won the game.

The crowning of king and queen had to take place at the pep-assembly due to the dance and basketball game being cancelled for weather. Brandon Pogue, senior, was crowned Rally Day king and Summer Nelson, senior, was crowned Rally Day queen.

After the pep-assembly students went to their fourth hour and lunch. School was dismissed at 12:40pm due to the predicted weather. While the pep-assembly was still held the basketball game and the dance were both moved to make sure all students were safe and nobody was hurt due to weather.