Rally Day: “Glow Out Of This World”

Abigail Swanigan

Marshfield High Student Council has put on the annual Rally Day, and it is right around the corner for the 2018-19 school year. The dance is held in the winter, around mid-January, during the high school basketball season. The dance is informal and is also a glow in the dark dance. This year the dance takes place on Friday, Jan. 11 and Rally Day king and queen will be crowned Saturday, Jan. 12, at the boy’s varsity basketball game.

“The activities commissioner comes up with multiple themes and then Student Cabinet (12 people) approve the themes,” said Kollin Bailey, senior member of student council. “Student council (around 60 students) votes on the a variety of themes that Student cabinet picked to decide the overall theme for the dance. I would say that a wide variety of people help decide the theme.”

The theme for this years dance is “Glow Out Of This World”. Which is a space theme used to help with the glow in the dark part of the dance. The dance will have things such as glow bubbles and glow sticks.

“We have been thinking of many different ways to market the neon, glow in the dark idea.” Said Kyndal Davis, senior member of student council. “The glow in the dark is needed for the glow bubbles to be successful and a space theme seemed to fit this well and add a fun twist to Rally Day. We have also looked at other schools’ dance themes and listen to ideas that are given at the student council conventions.”

Spirit days go on throughout the week that are based off of the overall theme of the dance.

“Student council sits down and talks about ideas for spirit days and look at other schools ideas.” said Truett Gardner, senior member of student council.

The spirit days are:

Monday is “Blast into Rally Day”, where students wear space related clothes like alien wear. Tuesday is “Starry Night”, where students wear pajamas.

Wednesday is “Space Jam”, where students wear sports attire and jerseys.

Thursday is “Blast From the Past”, where students wear clothes from the past, like 90’s wear.

Friday is “Neon Day”, where students wear neon colored clothes.

“I think Rally day is a hit because it is the only dance the school has that people do not have to dress up for.” Bailey said. “Students can just come and have a good time.”