Humans Impact on the Environment

Tayler Koons

Everyday we litter and pollute the world, often times without knowing. Whether it is driving your truck to school or kicking a plastic bottle across the parking lot on your way into school, because it was “in your way”. What we think may not affect the environment, could actually make a huge impact.

In a recent interview with Kim Fields, we discussed humans impact on the environment. Fields said, “The number one cause of extinction of species is habitat destruction. We destroy habitat to meet our needs. As well as pollution from cars and factories is causing irreparable damage to the environment.”

We may not be able to control what gets built or destroyed but we can still make a difference, and recycling a good place to start. There is a WEBCO recycling center in Marshfield, it will tell you what needs to be recycled, as well as where to take your recycling you have collected.

If you would rather just throw everything in the trash, rather than sort it and recycle, then there are still steps you can take to improve the environment. Such as picking up trash you see laying on the ground, cutting plastic rings that could get caught around an animal’s neck, not driving on a nice day or at least carpooling with friends so there are less vehicles polluting the environment.

Whether your step is small or big, it is still an impact you can make.