Christmas Band Concert

Harleigh Davidson, Writer

The Marshfield High School band had a Christmas concert on Thursday, Dec. 13. The jazz band was there to perform as well as the whole band. The concert started at 7 p.m. and the jazz band played first. The band played next and performed five songs. The band practiced for about a month perfecting all of these songs. The songs were Fanfare for Christmas, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desire, Salvation is Created, Joyful Christmas and Fireside Christmas.

The band went straight from marching season to practicing for their concert. The Christmas concert is a pretty big deal because it’s their first concert of the year. It’s the first time they get to really show off their skills. The band directors Mr. Castens and Mr. Wyman try to make sure it’s perfect.  Senior Jeydon Jones stated that, “I’m sad that it’s my last first band concert, I think the concert went really well and everybody played their best.”

Fireside Christmas was the song they had to work on the most. It was an eight minute song that had tons of Christmas songs into one long song. Some of the songs in it were Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph. Sophomore Susanna Combs said, “The song was super long and tiring, but I think it was definitely the best one we played. All of them were good, but that was the best.”