Fergie Fridays



Destin Schroeder, Writer

Every Friday here at MHS, one special guest comes and visits the students and staff. This guest has brought joy to everyone she greets and has definitely made an impact on some people’s day. This special guest is Fergie, science teacher Kim Field’s dog. Fergie has been coming to the high school on every Thursday school is held for the past 4 years to see the students and staff and it’s become quite the tradition, but this year she comes on Fridays.

Fields took it upon herself to sell T-shirts that have a picture of Fergie and say, “Life is Better With Fergie.” The shirts are $13. “Every Friday, everyone that has purchased a Fergie shirt should wear the shirt and get their picture taken. I will be taking pictures throughout the day to put on the weekly wrap up. Also, we will be celebrating Fergie on her birthday in April.” Fields said when asked about the events for Fergie this year.

If you bought a Fergie shirt make sure it to wear it to school every Friday to get your picture taken.