Scare Culture

Destin Schroeder, Writer

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It’s that time of the year again! Time to get your costumes out and walk around the neighborhood to go trick or treating. It seems every year the costumes get more and more creative. Costumes these days usually relate to today’s modern culture, overall, creativity is definitely more favored than scarriness with costumes these days. Trick or treating has been looked at as a tradition for kids to participate in. But the age range for trick or treating has really grown wider as the years go on. For example, older couples will participate by dressing up and going to Halloween parties. Halloween is not really looked at as a kids holiday anymore, and it’s definitely growing to a wider audience. One of the popular costumes for kids this year is from the very popular video game, Fortnite. Kids are dressing up as players from the game, which is another example of how the costumes are relating to today’s modern culture. Most students in high school enjoy hanging out with friends on Halloween, one student here at MHS, Adam Owens said “I plan on going out with friends to have some fun.” One thing is for sure, Halloween is never gonna stop being a popular Holiday that brings a lot of fun to the table.