LeBron’s new path


CBS Sports

Destin Schroeder, Writer

It’s that time of the year again, the NBA season is back and there are plenty of players who are ready to get in the groove with their new team. One of the most acknowledged players is Lebron James who stunned the world once again when he took his basketball talents to Los Angeles to play for the LA Lakers. James is widely known for being one of the best players in the league statistically year in and year out throughout his 16 year career. James is currently 33 years old and signed a 4 year $153 million deal this summer with the young Lakers team.

James is an inspirational athlete to everyone. Over the summer, James opened his “I Promise School” to the public. The school guarantees a free tuition for all students who graduate from the school, free lunch, uniforms, and a lot more huge benefits. This was such a bold move that really shows you how great of a leader James is.

So far he has started strong statistically with the Lakers, despite the 0-3 record. A student at MHS gave their input on why they think LeBron James is such an inspirational athlete, “He’s always helping the community and being the best at what he does.”