Summer to Winter

Harleigh Davidson, Writer

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Summer felt like it lasted forever. All the way through September the temperature was still getting up to 80 degrees. This past week has been cold. Fall completely skipped us. The first week and a half of October was still 75 to 80 degrees. Then all of a sudden on October 11, the weather dropped to 57 with a low of 42. It feels like we didn’t even have a fall. It just went from summer to winter.

Everybody loves sweater weather until it gets so cold you can barely move your fingers if you’re outside long enough. Fall was here for maybe a day and then disappeared. Now we are hitting lows of 34, which is 2 degrees from freezing. “It’s crazy how we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts one day and the next we are in three layers at least,” says freshman Bria Marlin.

Everybody is super excited for Halloween! The bad part is it’s definitely going to be cold. The low is 31 and the high is 58. Everybody should dress warm so they don’t freeze. Normally Halloween is chilly but it’s never almost freezing. Fall is more like winter and some people are not a fan. Sophomore Reagan Stevens said, “Halloween is definitely going to be cold but I’m ready for it.”