Girls Wrestling


New wrestlers listen in as Coach Holt talks about the upcoming season

Ethan Ragsdel, Writer

This year in Missouri, we have a new high school sport throughout the state. That new sport is girls wrestling and this is the first year that it is being offered as its own sport. In previous years, the girls could wrestle, but they had to wrestle with the boys. Missouri will be the 9th state to offer wrestling to girls. Marshfield has only had one girl wrestle with the boys so this is the first year they will compete. Marshfield held a meeting on October 12  to discuss wrestling and all of the girls showed excitement, one of them saying “I’m really excited, because this is my first year and I’ve wanted to wrestle since 7th grade.” Coach Holt has high expectations for the new incomers saying, “Obviously they’re high, our girls are all new but so is everyone else’s.” Marshfield has 17 girls signed up already. If you interested, contact Coach Holt