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MHS Heroes: Never Give Up Just Ride

Taylor Asher

Taylor Asher

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Marshfield, M0 – Danny Truster is a very extraordinary man. Even after losing his leg to amputation he still continues to keep going. Rodeo was an important part of Truster’s life before losing his leg due to a car accident where the car crossed the median and hit him head on. He continued and still continues to Team Rope. As a father of six he wants to show his children and the younger generations that even when the times get hard you don’t just give up.

“It was difficult getting back in the saddle the first time after losing my leg, because of how hard it was and still is to keep my balance,” Truster said.

When team roping there are two competitors that are on the same team one is the header and the other is the heeler, while most horses and even some people struggle to do both even with only one leg Truster and his horse Jughead are a strong enough pair that they do both. Only six short months after receiving his first prosthetic leg Truster won a saddle while team roping. In the roping he was both heading and heeling he won the saddle heeling. Only one steer short of a belt buckle while heading.

“I was not expecting to win anything at all that night I had my horse loaded up and was ready to go, but my wife convinced me to stay for the awards after the rodeo was over,” Truster said.

Without the support of his family and friends he probably would have been more likely to give up and not get back in the saddle, but it was his life. Now you can find him side by side with his horse, Jughead, or you might get lucky enough to catch him in action. Even though he doesn’t ride as much as he would like, it is still his patience and when he gets a rope in his hand it’s almost as if it never left. Even though he may be a little rusty and have a bit of struggle a few times out of the shoot or even just practicing it’s almost as if it was just yesterday that he won the saddle.


Asher: Who was your biggest supporter?

Truster: My family, but if I had to choose one person it would be my wife.


Asher: What gave you the drive to keep going?

Truster: My family kept me going.


Asher: Did losing your leg affect your family life in any way?

Truster: No all of my family supported me and kept me going that was actually my biggest fear, but the day after it got cut off the two youngest came down to see me they were a little standoffish at first but I started joking about it and they came around I don’t think any of my kids have been scared of it.


Asher: Is there anything you would like to add?

Truster: I just want the younger generations to know even when the times get hard don’t give up or quit. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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MHS Heroes: Never Give Up Just Ride