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MHS Heroes: Scoring with Soccer

Keirsten McCall

Keirsten McCall

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Marshfield, Mo – 37 year old Ryan McCall has been a part of the Marshfield, Mo community for 12 years. Having six children and a wife he finds coaching a soccer team of children eleven and under to be a stress reliever. The “sharks” as they are called have been together for 3 months and have bonded tremendously according to McCall. McCall says that coaching is all about the children and what they can achieve. Spending time with his “sharks” twice a week, meeting on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 in the evening. They spend an hour on the field practicing for games against other Marshfield teams.

Some of the children has problems with asthma but McCall, having an asthmatic child on the team himself, knows exactly how to help and take care of the children. McCall says he tries to spend as much time with the children on the field as possible, not wanting to be like other coaches he has observed who yell orders and expect the children to obey. McCall gets out on the field and plays the game with them, teaching as he goes.”Coaching is all about the kids and what they can learn from being a team and working together. I make sure that nobody is ever left out,” says McCall. Being volunteered to coach by his wife he has lead the sharks to three victories out of four games. Saturday 5/19/18 being their last big game, he hopes for a win for the children.

McCall says he thinks that his children look up to him because of how well liked he is by both children and parents. With the games and practices being held at Rotary park in Marshfield, Mo he gets to spend time after practice bonding with the adults as their children play on the nearby playground. They plan upcoming events and are currently planning an end of season party for their kids.


Q: Teaching ages eleven and under do you think you have impacted their lives?

A: “Yes, I think they are smarter, and work better with other people.”


Q: Do you have any experience working with children

A “Yes, because I have six children of my own.”


Q: Do you have an athletic background?

A: “No, but my oldest son did soccer as a child and football in middle school but gave up to be in marching band.”


Q: On a normal practice day what do you do?

A: “Being the head coach I obviously have to teach them. But I try my best to get them to work as a team and help them make friends.”


Q: How far have the sharks came since they first started?

A:” They are doing pretty good. They are more aware of their surroundings and pass and work as a team.”


Q: being volunteered by your wife. Was this something you originally wanted to do?

A:” Well she brought it up a few times but I thought nothing of it. It would have taken up too much time and I have work and six children that constantly ask for my to do things for them. But I’m really glad she did. I feel like I have learned new things along side these children.”

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MHS Heroes: Scoring with Soccer