Bluejays Win 3-1

Bradyn Porter, writer

On Friday, April 27, the MHS hit their way into a win against Catholic. Junior Truett Gardner quoted, “They saved their best two pitchers to pitch against us.” They needed this win to be tied for first with Central Ozark Conference (COC). This is the last year COC will be a thing for an unknown reason.

Bluejays won the game 3-1 with senior Nicholas Visconte scoring one run in the 4th, sophomore Brooks Espy scoring one run in the 5th, and senior Eric Nunn scoring one run in the 6th.

Before the game took place, they honored the MHS 1998 state champion team. One player was Jeff Norcross who passed away a while ago. His family went out on the field to support him and the team. Freshman Blake Anderson who is Norcross’s nephew threw the first pitch that game.  Anderson said, “I was nervous, but it was cool to throw the first pitch.”