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Showcasing Senior Project

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Showcasing Senior Project

Tai Keowan and Jordyn Koons

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On Wednesday, April 18, during fifth hour seniors set up their senior projects in the aux gym for students to tour and look out. All students were let out with their fifth hour teacher to look at the showcase.

English IV teacher Nicki Roy said, “The purpose of the daytime showcase is two-fold. It gives seniors a chance to more informally practice talking to peers about their projects and final products. In addition, it gives underclassmen a chance to see the hard work of the seniors, giving them an authentic audience.”  

Seniors complete senior projects as a way of connecting all the existing content in their English IV classes. Students do this project to  make themselves and the world around them better by having real, long-term impact. Students are allowed choice in this project, so they have ownership over their own learning. All of the academic skills gained in this project are able to be used in the future, no matter what a student decides to do.

Later that night at Marshfield High School, the seniors presented their projects to judges from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. The seniors were finally able to showcase what they have worked on for most of the school year. There were interesting projects that students have worked on. For example, Kyle Hughes, whose senior project was weight lifting showing what proteins to take and when.

Hughes explains why he chose this project, “I did this as my project because I wanted to show kids in our school who don’t know about weight lifting and the proteins to take to keep your body healthy.”

There were many great senior projects that students got to showcase to their teachers, parents and also their peers. The night concluded with another successful senior showcase.

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Tai Keowan, Newspaper Staff

My name is Tai Keowan and I am a senior. I like to write and make music, go on random adventures with the squad, and live life to the fullest.

Jordyn Koons, Editor

Hi! My name is Jordyn Koons and I am the editor of the Marshfield Jay Chatter. I am 17 years old and a senior at MHS. My favorite thing to do is hang out...

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Showcasing Senior Project