Introducing ProStart

Irene Smith, Writer

ProStart is a junior and senior cooking class that introduces how to make foods from homemade pizza to soufflés.

“It all depends on what chapter of the book we are at,” Katie Tanksley, senior, says.

Tanksley says they go on a field trip once a year to learn how different restaurants work and how they cook their food. ProStart also caters for quite a few events. The class also has book work like any other class, but according to Tanksley, it’s quite easy.

“I would recommend this class to anyone who has a passion for cooking, or wants to go into the cooking industry as a future career,” Tanksley comments.

Pat Boshe, teacher for ProStart, says it’s a great class that teaches you everything you need to know about cooking. You must take a nutrition and wellness class, also taught by Boshe, to get into ProStart. If you want to join Prostart you can sign up for it at the end of sophomore year or if you’re already a junior or senior.