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A Note-able Concert

Savannah Clair, Writer

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The 61 annual band concert took place at the Marshfield High School auditorium March 6. The MHS Concert, Wind Symphony and symphonic band all played that night directed by Lori Hutton, Rick Castens, Dan Wyman and student teacher Tyler Hamilton.

The first to play was Concert band performing their first song “At the Crossroads” by Robert W. Smith – one of the most popular composers in America today. The next song they played was “Forgotten Heroes” written by Jeremy Bell. Their last song they played was called “Gypsy Dance” by a Missouri native, David Holsinger.

Symphonic band performed next starting their set with an exciting piece called “Skydive” by Chris M. Bernotas. “Wondrous Love” by Greg Danner was the next song to be played by the Symphonic band. Lastly, “Anthem for Winds and Percussion” by Claude T. Smith was performed.  

Wind Symphony was given the stage last. They started with “The Klaxon March” by Henry Fillmore and Robert E. Foster. “The Lark in the Clear Air” by Clifton Taylor was played next featuring Kaen Adams on the flute and Shawn Kochevar on flugel. 

To conclude the night was “Shrine of the Fallen” by Brian Balmages with a clarinet solo by Hannah Scarborough. Before the song Lori Hutton shared the history of the song. “Shrine of the Fallen” tells a story of a young soldier who goes off to battle. The young soldier asks his mother what will happen if he dies in a foreign land to which his mother replied that he will be buried by someone else. At the very end of the song the band sings “Who will bury me?” in the Ukrainian language. This was the first time the band has ever sung at a concert. It was a very moving piece and had the audience speechless and leaning in to hear every note.

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A Note-able Concert