The Special Ladies of MHS

Ashleigh Matney and Livie Cordova

MARSHFEILD, Mo- (Feb 2018)- Students often talk of how much better the school lunches could be, but it’s never talked about how amazing the lunch ladies are at MHS. One MHS junior, Quinkeytra Jacobs, said that unlike the last school she went to the lunch ladies here are “nice, helpful and can hold conversation.” Jacobs said that what makes the lunch ladies at MHS so special is that they are not just your “get your food and go” type. The lunch ladies serve breakfast in the morning and three lunches in the afternoon. They work hard and still greet every student with a smile.

The lunch ladies at MHS work usually around 5 hours a day. During that time they prepare breakfast and lunch for the day along with cleaning up. Some days are longer than others and some days are shorter. A commonly known lunch lady, Lori Wells, says that her favorite part of working this job is the students. She says she enjoys “interacting with the students, joking and messing with the students.” Wells has been working at MHS for 12 years now. She began working as a lunch lady so she would be able to be closer to her children, who are now all grown. When Wells started out she was a runner, which is one of the ladies who moves food to their specific places. She then became a server, which is the person that puts the food on the tray. After she was a server for many years, Wells started working at the register. Wells says her favorite position to be is to be at the register.

Students at MHS really seem to love the lunch ladies. Junior, Kelly Cantwell believes that the ladies are special because “they are very interactive and remember our names.” Many students referred to them as kind or nice. Food service is a hard job. Working with teenagers is an even harder job. Doing both must seem impossible to most, but the ladies at MHS do it everyday with a smile. That is what makes the lunch ladies at Marshfield High School one of a kind.  The lunch ladies always have positive attitudes even the students are not in the best of moods.