Introducing Christine Bommarito


Irene Smith

Christine Bommarito

Irene Smith, Writer

Christine Bommarito is the new athletic director secretary at Marshfield High School. Bommarito started working as a secretary 12 years ago. She has worked in retail pharmacy and staffing companies for 20 years. For the past ten years, Bommarito was an operations manager at a temporary staffing agency for pharmacists.

“I was searching for a job close to home that allowed some flexibility and an environment in which I felt I was appreciated and helpful to the community,” Bommarito says on what inspired her to work as a secretary at MHS.

Bommarito was born in Valparaiso, Indiana and has lived in Marshfield since 2007. When she isn’t working as a secretary, Bommarito is reading, watching sport, listening to music, traveling and spending time with her family. She has six kids, all of them attend or have attended Marshfield schools and her favorite food is sushi.

“I have had a great experience at MHS,” Bommarito comments. “I enjoy the staff and students!”