The Bluejays don’t fly away with a W against Bolivar

Bradyn Porter, writer

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018, the Bluejays played the Bolivar Liberators. The basketball teams left Bolivar winning one game and losing two games.

In the freshman game, the Jays won 31-21 and hitting four 3’s in that game. The freshman team had the lead throughout the entire game and are now 3-0 in conference play.

In the Junior Varsity game, the Jays lost 66-38. Unfortunately, Bolivar started the game out in the lead and continued to be ahead of the Bluejays throughout the game.

In the Varsity game, from tip off, no one got the early lead with neither team holding a lead past 10. The Varsity Bluejays had a prayer sent from heaven pushing them into overtime. Number 12 from the Bolivar team unintentionally scored for the Bluejays. However, the team lost in double overtime 55-51.

The next boys basketball game will be Saturday, Jan. 13, at Lamar.