To be Tennis or not to be Tennis

Irene Smith, Writer

Marshfield High School almost had a tennis team last year, but something came up. Does that mean that there still a possibility for this year? According to Kevin Armstrong, athletic coordinator of MHS, yes there is.

“The school board is still looking into the possibility of adding tennis sometime in the future at MHS.” Armstrong says.

Armstrong states there are still some issues that need to be looked into, “most specifically a facility on campus,” Armstrong points out. “We sent out a student survey to determine the interest level of playing tennis.”

Principal Jefferey Curley stated the survey was for research and that “no decision has been made regarding the implementation of a tennis team.”

There are still so many students who are eager for a MHS tennis team. “You can’t really find many tennis teams anywhere and it would be amazing if we had one for those who love the sport, including me,” Paige Cologna, freshman, says when asked how she felt about it.