Peak Rally Week

Cecily Hardie, Writer

Rally Week (or Rally 3 Days) took place this year from Feb. 3 to Feb. 7. It was interrupted by two snow days before being punctuated by the Rally Day Dance on Friday.

Student council members vote on the theme of the Spirit Week and of the dance. Spirit Week, the week leading up to the dance, promotes the dance with crazy dress up days like Meme Day (on which a plethora of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsons and Baby Yodas could be seen attending classes), PJ day, and Athletes vs Mathletes. The students with the best costumes received prizes.

“Rally Day,” says Daphne Boggs, Activities Commissioner for the Student Cabinet, “is similar to courtwarming at many schools. It just serves as a school dance to improve school climate.” Courtwarming is essentially the homecoming of the second semester. It’s an event where students can mingle, get to know people, and have fun in a school appropriate environment.

Proceeds from dance ticket sales go toward paying for decorations and DJ’s for present and future school dances. Students seeking the opportunity to meet fellow Bluejays in a dance environment should look forward to and plan on attending Prom and next school year’s Homecoming and Rally Day. Party on, Bluejays!